Are you ready to be surprised when G4 broadcasts its third annual G-Phoria awards ceremony on Tuesday, August 9?

Well, too bad. G4 has gone and spoiled the surprise by releasing a list of the winners that were revealed at a Los Angeles ceremony last night.

Readers of this blog will know I’m no fan of Spike TV’s Video Game Awards, but at least they didn’t totally ruin the tension and surprise of the show by announcing all the winners a week and a half before the broadcast.

Unfortunately, G4 does seems to be following Spike’s lead in the all-important area of product placement — The “Alt Sports Award Fueled by Mountain Dew,” “EB Gamers Choice Award,” and the “Legend Award Presented by Jeep” really add to the prestige and grandeur of the event (Kudos to GameSpot for taking out this crass marketing in their listing of the winners).

While we’re on the subject of categories, why is it “Favorite Character” when nearly every other category is “Best [something]?” Are you afraid of offending all the lesser characters? And while we’re at it, how can there be a “Gamer’s Choice Award” when, according to the release, every category was decided by “fans who cast more than 1 million votes online and via text message.” And “Best Boss”? What is this, Nintendo Power?

I didn’t catch thefirst two G-Phoria broadcasts, but I’ll probably try to watch this one out of morbid curiosity. And to see who wins, of course.

In other G4 news, the company is looking for “exceptional geeks” to answer an open casting call for a new Attack of the Show host. Requirements include being “fast, funny, engaging, pleasant-looking enough to not scare more sensitive viewers, and confident.” Also, you have to be a guy (“sorry, girls!” the posting proclaims). Finalists will get an unpaid (Joy!) guest host gig for a week before one is picked as the full time host. Should be interesting to watch.

In even further G4 news, Icons is excellent. I’ve been watching a lot of it on my newly acquired Tivo, and I’ve been consistently impressed with how focused and interesting it manages to be. Almost redeems the whole network, it does.

9 thoughts on “G4-shadowing

  1. Spike TV is a Viacom company, like MTV. Viacom > Comcast. Yes, the VMAs are live, but the MTV movie awards are not.

  2. Those aren’t the awards he’s talking about actually. The gdca’s have been going strong for a long time. Yes, G4 produced the show two years ago, but they did not last year. The Gamer Nation people produced it.

  3. You really don’t know much about television production, do you? Live shows are very difficult and very expensive to pull off. You can’t seriously expect a small network like G4 to be executing live awards. If so, you’re an idiot. Even MTV tapes its awards shows. It’s cheaper, you can reshoot things that don’t work, and you have more post production time to make everything look good.

  4. Well if you hate the Spike Tv awards you arent missing much with G-Phoria then they are pretty much one in the same. I would like to see some more worth while awards show like the one (the name escapes me) where the developers award each other. In my small opinion that seems alot more exciting. As for product placement its all over G4’s programming. Cheat back went Rouse (sp?) was hosting was sponsered by jeep and the whole episode devoted to Simpsons hit and run was him driving a jeep ruebacon (i know i must have spelled that wrong but is that even a word?) and stopping to give us his input then telling us over and over how he was driving that exact car, it was annoying to say the least. EBgames has had a deal with G4 from the get go so i’m not surprised they sponsered something on the show, since every other commercail is one of thse EBgames hidden treasure things. Also,Not long after the Tech Tv merger they started to make X-play openly push gamefly or something on air, and you can see them whince the first few times they had to say it; it was kinda funny. An already long story short G4 is a marketing machine, or is trying to be but i think thats one of the things that ruins it for me. That casting call is funny. i dont want to stir a ruckus but does any one else think its a tiny bit wrong they wont consider a girl? i know sarah lane corners the market on girl-power on Attack but i think pretty much saying “we will not even think about another female on the show” is alittle discrimitory. besides i think if they had another girl on the show it might pull in more viewers demographicly speaking. Well its all G4’s bussiness any way, over time after the merger i found myself unable to watch the channel due to its many flaws and narrow points of view from the hosts(its like every host has to agree on 99% of every thing, it just seems generic), i found myself actually yelling at the TV at one point and just decided to keep away from the channel. There is a few shows like the forementioned Icons and Cinimatech (i like watching game trailers and FMV’s, specailly some of the rare ones and japanese ones they play) and a few others that i will watch if i can catch them, starangly they are all shows that actually require no host involvement.. guess that says something about the G4 talent.

  5. The awards mike is talking about are the IGDA / CMP sponsored < HREF="http://www.igda.org/awards/" REL="nofollow">Game Developer’s Choice Awards<> (or GDCAs for short). G4 helped film them 2 years ago, I don’t know why they didn’t bother to make it a yearly thing, I guess cause they couldn’t get weird sponsors to pay for the awards.Honestly, I ignore pretty much every other awards show. Most of them are pretty worthless and only serve to promote game stereotypes and, worse, mediocre games. Hopefully these award shows eventually just disapear. I’ve heard of very few people that actually like to watch them.

  6. Hey genius, did you bother to read how many gaming news sites reported the Gphoria winners? Journalists were in attendance, so naturally they reported the winners. Of course G4 would issue a press release. They would look silly if they pretended the winners weren’t announced. It’s called taped television.

  7. Hey, genius, the whole point of my post is that it’s silly to have a taped award show, because by the time it’s broadcast everyone will know the winners. G4 should have broadcast it live. If you do tape it, there’s no reason not to announce it, I suppose.

  8. Spike TV managed to do their award show live this year, and they’re not exactly a huge network. G4 is owned by Comcast, so if they can’t pony up the dough for a live showing they shouldn’t bother at all.Also, according to < HREF="http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1506299/20050725/green_day.jhtml?headlines=true" REL="nofollow">this press release<>, the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards will be broadcast live. Past years have had an audio delay, but I believe they were only a few seconds away from live.

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