The Revolution is Broke!

Who broke it? USA Today’s Steven Kent did, with a story in this morning’s edition coming ahead of the 9 a.m. Pacific press conference. You may remember that Kent broke the story of the Nintendo DS for USA Today just over a year ago today. Hey, Nintendo… save some for the rest of us, huh?

The story includes a picture and some light details of online capabilities and backwards compatibility, but is a little light on details, some of which Nintendo will undoubtedly reveal in a few hours. I’ll be there, attending my first first-party E3 press conference. Watch this space for my impressions as soon as possible.

5 thoughts on “The Revolution is Broke!

  1. Exactly. What worries me though is there might not actually be a true revolution. My current prediction is this. None of the pictures showed the controller at all. I’m willing to bet a small amount that the new controller IS the next game boy and that one will come with the revolution. Just an educated guess. Let’s see if I’m right.

  2. One thing I keep hearing is pressure sensitive handles that should be good for racing games. To me that makes me think of force feedback. I think the ability to put force-feedback in a wireless controller and maybe using gyro to simulate a wheel could be revolutionary for the genre…now if only Nintendo can get some decent racers to show it off.

  3. Actually apparently a guy who posted somewhat accurate pictures of the Rev. over at GameSpot also had pictures of the controller.(s)From what I’ve seen, it would be something revolutionary. Seperate units, one for the analog and the other for the buttons (which looked to be a type of diagonal 4-way rocker switch), each with a Z button and analog button (a la the GameCube). Neato, and to be honest, the idea would be very comfortable. I’m tired of holding my hands together 🙂 However…The real revolution would be gyroscopes in each of the controllers that detect movement. So the positioning of the controllers themselves are used as an imput device. And depending on the quality of the gyroscopic design, that could either be a gimmick or the best thing since sliced bread. (A state of the art gyro design would open the door to uber-control for so many genres…driving, flight sims, but the biggest could be FPS. With a high enough quality, you could actually get good Akimbo style shooting. If good enough, theoretically you could even shoot “blind” (off-screen), to try and pick off people who are running off screen while focusing on another target. All that based on a rumoredd picture. But combine that and, if Nintendo chooses to do it..could be a VERY aggressive launch package..(Imagine if the big N decided to include on the system at launch a selection of their games throughout the years? There’s a big bonus for purchasing right there.)..and the fact that both the 360 and the PS3 are looking decidedly non-next gen right now?It could be interesting.

  4. Well, if the press is going to call any of the consoles sexy this generation, I think the Revolution is the one to get that title. It certainly doesn’t look the toy like the GCN was accused of. The downloadable Nintendo games could be a nice carrot.It seems what Nintendo has done by leaking this is show the ways in which they are matching the other systems in terms of online and DVD and such and are saving the true Revolution for the conference.

  5. The Revolution looks very sharp and simple. An improvement, but not as striking as the PS3. The PS3 looks over-designed, but still rather ‘blah’. And the Xbox 360 is just a mess. It looks like a VCR inhaling.I really want to see the Revolution’s controllers.Oh and the PS3’s controller? It looks like a silver <>banana<>. And oddly similar to the GameCube controllers in some respects.

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