Quote of the E3 Moment

“We interrupt our regularly scheduled weekly newsletter to bring you this important announcement: ‘AAAUUUGGGHHH! E3!'”
-From Gamespot’s Weekly Newsletter

4 thoughts on “Quote of the E3 Moment

  1. oh, the 360 has backwards-compatibility; but at this point, it’s only for their “top-selling games” as they vaguely put it. The two confirmed games so far are Halo and…uh…Halo 2.

  2. Yeah, that pretty much sums up how hectic–and annoyingly loud–this year’s E3 is turning out to be. I absolutely love and hate this time of year in the videogame world. I love it because there’s a ton of new info to read about. I hate it because I just don’t know where to start reading. See, that’s the problem…all these video publications do is overhype the expo. For example, everytime I try and read some articles off of 1up or Gamespot, I’m heavily assaulted by links to stories about this game, or that game, or this press conference, etc. It’s almost nauseating. I actually feel more comfortable reading about E3 in publications that have videogame news as a second or third priority, like the Wall Street Journal, or Wired.

  3. Since you are there what do you and the other reporters think about the xbox 360? Microsoft never mentions that it had backward compatibility so I don’t think it does? What rumors are you hearing about it?

  4. Let me get this straight 360 is only going to be able to play 2 old games. What about all the games that are coming out before Chirstmas?

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