Nintendo's Other Revolution

Practically buried in Nintendo’s E3 press kit and completely missing from the press conference was word that the big N is revamping its signature Nintendo Power magazine with a new look and new content. Renowned designer Roger Black will be lending his talents to the magazine starting with the July issue to create an “edgier magazine targeting a wider audience of Nintendo fans,” according to a Nintendo press release.

The most immediately noticable effect of this redesign is a new logo, which is prevalent on the Nintendo Power Web site, which has also been overhauled. The site and the press release also give sneak peeks inside the July issue, which looks more like an issue of Wired than anything that Nintendo has ever published. Picture are large and take a variety of shapes, with words snaking around to fit. Each page has its own distinct look, and no two pages are laid out in the same way. Nintendo’s press release also mentions that the mag will be getting “a more substantial feel with improved paper stock for the cover and the body of the magazine,” reminiscent of the late Next Generation mag.

The new mag will also have new content in the form of a Community section and, intriguingly, “op-ed” pieces.

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