E3 Journal: Scenes from Day 1

What a day. Between the running around meeting developers and playing games for GameMethod.com, I managed to take some notes on things of interest for VGO readers.

  • A lot of game journalists no doubt started the day pissed when they found out that a power outage knocked out the media registration area, forcing those without their E3 badges to wait in lines of an hour or more in a big white tent outside. Not a good way to earn good will from the press.
  • Yahoo Games! was one of the first booths I hit. They’re offering some sort of hybrid service that offers games for download and also offers game writing content from partners like GameSpot and GameSpy, according to a PR person on the floor that may not have had a clue. The big media trend going into this year’s E3 seems to be combining editorial and game content under one company roof. Much more on this when I have much more time.
  • GameSpot’s booth had a nice little glass-enclosed area where you could see all the people putting up a ridiculous amount of content during the show. I could almost envision a taskmaster walking around in there with a whip. “Post screenshots faster, worm!”
  • I saw Adam Sessler of G4’s X-Play, walking around the Nintendo booth this morning, talking about the new Game Boy Micro on camera. I tried to snap a picture, but a personal security guy stopped me and handed me a card with designated times when I could take his picture and get his signature. Forget that! I promptly took a few steps away and snapped some shots while he wasn’t looking. You hear that, Sessler? Your goons don’t scare me!
  • Picked up the new Nintendo Power at a cubby today. Was excited to see it ever since finding the press release buried in yesterday’s Nintendo media kit (they didn’t even mention it at the press conference. Lame!) I like the new logo a lot, and the page layout reminds me a lot of Wired, which is a good thing. Haven’t had a chance to really get into the new content yet… expect more on that when I have time to sit down and read through it (which might not be till my flight out of here).
  • I also ran into Gabe from Penny Arcade at the Nintendo booth (at least I think it was Gabe. That was almost 24 hours and many drinks ago). We had a quick talk over some Mario Kart DS about how game PR and game journalism have a sort of symbiotic relationship that makes them almost indistinguishable. He seemed like a nice enough guy, and he pretended to know of me, so… yay.
  • I got one of the last free media lunches being given out at 1:05 today. The roast beef was worth every penny I didn’t spend. If you missed it yesterday, swing by room 105 above and to the right of West hall today between noon and one and show your media badge for some good, free grub courtesy of the ESA.
  • Ironic moment #1: A sign at the door: “Due to increased security concerns, all badges must be scanned before entering.” Of the four times I entered different halls today, my badge was only scanned once. At the end of the day, I just sauntered by without a guard even looking at me. I felt really secure.
  • Ironic moment #2: Game Informer said they were giving out 35,000 issues during the show. Tips and Tricks said they gave out 10,000. The folks at the Ziff Davis booth at the end of the day had no idea how many magazines they had given out. Because really, who’s going to ask?
  • Ironic moment #3: I found a kid near the end of the show who admitted to being 15 when questioned. His dad was very nice about it, explaining that he is friends with one of the organizers. When I took a picture of him, as one of my contestants might, it came out blurry to see. Argh!

More slightly after it happens.

5 thoughts on “E3 Journal: Scenes from Day 1

  1. Just consider yourself fortunite enough to have the chance to meet him. I don’t even get to attend E3. Enough complaining.

  2. You should try to get a pic of that hot chick on X-play, although I find her game credentials highly dubious.

  3. Regarding Sessler’s security: I’m guessing this is G4’s doing, not Adam’s. I ran into Sessler when he was covering < HREF="http://www.gencon.com/" REL="nofollow">Gen Con<> several years ago. He was nice enough (given that two strangers walked up and bothered him) and even kindly < HREF="http://www.highprogrammer.com/alan/gaming/cons/trips/genconindy2003/adam-sessler-alan-brian.html" REL="nofollow">posed for a picture<>.No matter who is responsible; they’re being a bit of a dick. It’s effectively public space; you’re going to be in photos. People plenty more important than Sessler were walking around that floor. Perhaps they were trying to protect him from lots of annoying camera flashes and interruptions while we was filming?

  4. That’s just the thing… he wasn’t on camera. He was talknig with the Nintendo Game Boy Micro girl, preparing for an on camera bit, but he was not yet on camera.

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