E3 Journal: Party Hard Party Hard Party Hard

When I got to the Golden Gopher at 6 p.m. sharp (yes, I’m a big nerd) no one else was there. By the time I left at 9 p.m., I had met roughly two dozen of the greatest game journalists around. Thanks to Adam Jacobson, Mike Musgrove, Marty Poulin, Joel Johnson, Brian Crecente, Tim Stevens, Amit Runchal and Alex, Colin Campbell, and everyone else who came out but didn’t give me a business card to let me remember them in my half-asleep state (I know there’s a few of you). Also a big thanks to Dave Thomas for pretty much setting up everything and making the cheesy IGJA sign at the bar. Biggest thanks to Bhu Srinivasan at Sports Gamer for making liars of us and giving $200 worth of free drinks to the guys who came out. Because of this generosity, we’ve all agreed not to force you out of business, as we were planning.

No thanks at all to anyone who knew about the party but didn’t come. We’d better see you at the next “not an E3” party, tenatively scheduled for May 10, 2006.

4 thoughts on “E3 Journal: Party Hard Party Hard Party Hard

  1. You didn’t mention me! You must totally not care. My heart is broken, at your…Okay, can’t push this any further. Plus, you know, you’d already met me after the Nintendo thing. Ha!– Jared

  2. Still how do you lose three cards?Actual the really neat stuff is going to pop up on Vagusnet.com. I got a couple of real interesting interviews with gaming people. It is amazing how many really interesting people I have meet while waiting in line for food.Oh I got a card of anyalst if you are still interest in doing that thing with them.

  3. Sorry Charles. I definitely did lose your card in the shuffle, as the above list was basically just a list of all the cards I had in my pocket when I got back. Charles is writing some interesting stuff for < HREF="http://www.cubed3.com/viewnews.php?storyid=3888" REL="nofollow">Cubed3<> by the way, and I’ll be sure to read it more carefully after I’ve slept for about a week.

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