The Swag Ratings

You might think that E3 is all about the games, but based on the bags full of stuff that everyone lugs back on their plane rides, that might be a little naive. It’s really all about grabbing everything that isn’t nailed down! Here’s my unofficial ranking of E3 swag, broken down into general categories.

  1. Stuff related to games – Controllers, carrying cases, game demos, a Nintendo DS stylus, video cards — they’re cool and they ostensibly have to do with your job. Bonus! Sometimes these need to be won in contests
  2. USB memory sticks – Eminently useful, and they get bigger every year.
  3. Shirts/Hats – Stuff to wear to next year’s E3.
  4. Toys/plush figures – Great for giving to annoying younger relatives, or using to decorate your desk.
  5. Bags – To hold all the stuff you’re taking back home, of course.
  6. Posters/Post Cards – If you can get them home and find a place to put them up, I guess they’re OK.
  7. Lanyards – Outside of E3, I can’t think of the last time I used a lanyard.
  8. Buttons – If you can think of a situation where your Tony Hawk’s Underground button will be appropriate to wear, I’d like to hear it.
  9. Press kits – Actual game information? Who cares?!

Actual, meaningful, non-repetitive content about E3 coming in the next few days, I promise.

7 thoughts on “The Swag Ratings

  1. I’m not sure whether this reply will be seen, seeing as how this post is coming on three weeks of age, but what the heck…While accepting gifts in most fields of work will get you fired, it’s long been acceptable in the videogame industry to accept schwag. While some of this stuff has very little practical purpose, it’s still meant for the use of videogame journalists. As poor as the quality of the video was, the LOZ DS cartridge was a demo. If you were to hear that videogame magazine was selling off their pre-release demos, wouldn’t you doubt their ethics?I confess, though, my anger was misdirected. I’m just peeved that people are taking gifts and using them to make monster profits. Personally, if I had another one of those cartridges, I’d give it to a friend free of charge. I didn’t pay, why should they?Finally, I should have clarified that the “work” I alluded to is not in the videogame industry… as far from that as possible, in fact. I dedicate as much of my free time as possible to write for a website, but when I do represent them publicly I won’t play favorites with my apparel (or anything else for that matter). Nintendo messenger bag, MS t-shirt, Sony hat, N-gage watch. Fair and balanced. That’s how I likes it…

  2. Whoa…less than ethical and abusing generosity? How does a grainy trailer on a DS cartridge help you do your job anyway? If you want to talk ethics, how about not accepting any gifts, including your precious messenger bag? As a member of the press, it shows blatant favoritism to walk around advertising Nintendo.

  3. Where was I when you were grabbing all this stuff? hah. I should have nabbed one of those USB keychains, go figure I still don’t have one (32meg or anything)-Will

  4. Nintendo always gives out the best swag at their press conference. In 2004, they gave out these sweet messenger bags that I bring to work every day. This year, they gave every one in attendance a copy of the Zelda trailer on a DS cartridge! You can check out the wares of the less-than-ethical members of the press that abused Nintendo’s generosity by checking out these < HREF="" REL="nofollow">ebay auctions<>.These people realize they’re spending 75 bucks on a three minute trailer, right?

  5. hey i need a lanyard for school (we have to wear ids-it sucks)!i would be like the coolest person in my school if i had a genuine e3 lanyard!

  6. This year I got a 128MB Flash drive from Webzen. One of my associates got a 256MB drive from Nokia, I believe. Last year, Sony (I think) gave out 32MB drives. They’re not quite as common as lanyards, but easy enough to come by if you go to enough press conferences/interviews.

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