First on the docket is G4’s Tina Wood appearing at Nintendo’s press conference. If you didn’t witness this spectacle yourself, you can watch it on Gamespot. Tina is introduced about 23 minutes in by everyone’s favorite cult of personality REggie Fils-Aime, who said, “We thought maybe an outside perspective would help illustrate [Nintendogs], so we’ve given an advance copy of the U.S. version to Tina wood, host of G[4]TV.com, the hit interactive show on G4 Video game TV, and she joins us here today to put her puppy through its paces.”

I’m pretty sure I made an audible gasp when I heard this announcement (this was drowned out by the Nintendo employees behind me whooping and hollering, but that’s another topic). Wood prceeded to show off a dog she had made in the days before the conference and had the dog interact wirelessly with Miyamato’s Mario-hatted dog.

Tina’s appearance at the conference was attacked probably most vociferously by Brian Crecente of Kotaku, who wrote “it was sort of appropriate that the little affair wrapped up with Shigeru Miyamoto’s dog fucking Tina Wood’s.” Wood defended the appearance on her own blog, writing “I did not do this to kiss the rears of Nintendo. I did it for the company I work for and am passionate about and the opportunity to work with a man I absolutely admire.” Wood also mentioned that she did not get paid for her appearance.

The real question here is whether Wood herself, and G4 in general, want to be considered independent, journalistic entities or simply a part of the video game marketing behemoth. If it’s the former, I think that letting Wood on this press conference is a mistake. But I don’t think it’s the former. I think G4 is simply part of the game marketing machine, and anything they or any of their talent does should be taken with a large grain of salt.

Need evidence? Check out G4’s press release section where they trumpet programming like “Nintendo DS Day,” “Halo 2 Day” and “GTA TV,” and programming deals with GameFly, America’s Army

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