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If you weren’t watching Spike TV at 11:25 Eastern tonight (well, last night now), you missed five of the most exciting minutes in the history of television! Well, not really, but you did miss a decent, if quick, live announcement of the 2005 Game Critics Best of E3 Awards. A suave Geoff Keighly and an awkward-looking Zoey Flower announced the winners in five categories, including best of show. Each game got about a minute’s worth of footage from the show and some commentary from prominent game journalists — from CNN, Newsweek, IGN and other sources — that ranged from cogent analysis to “what did he say?”

Much like the Kentucky Derby, Spike stretched the five-minute announcement into an hours-long event with a screening of Mortal Kombat: Annihiliation — complete with game clips introduced by Geoff and Zoe during commercial breaks. After the awards, there was an episode of a show called The Ultimate Gamer that seemed to combine every other reality show in existence (they got him in to E3, redid his game room, gave him a job interview, and more) into a big explosion of gaming enthusiasm. From the bits I saw it was actually kind of entertaining, even though it was sometimes hard to tell what was rendered video and what was actual gameplay.

I missed out on most of the detritus surrounding the actual awards because of other plans for the evening, but Dan Dormer sat through the whole thing and gave a blow-by-blow liveblogging breakdown. An excellent read, and much more informative than the shell of a description above.

Apparently, tonight was also the premiere of Video Game Vixens over on G4 (the poor man’s Spike TV). I didn’t catch a lick of this, but I heard from a reliable source (i.e. a guy on IM) it was not so hot (no pun intended. Maybe).

So what do you guys think? Did you watch either or both of these spectacles? If so, how did games make out on TV this evening? If not, were you too busy playing games or watching paint dry to bother? Hit the comments link below and share your thoughts.

9 thoughts on “A Night of Games on TV

  1. I didn’t see the show, but did SpikeTV film every single game at the show, and interview someone from every single publisher?If they didn’t, doesn’t this mean they sort of pre-selected the award-winners by only shooting certain titles?Obviously something like Quake 4 has a better chance of “winning” than some random Korean game in Kentia hall, but is this really fair (and worthy of an award show, and for getting credible press involved and covering it) if it’s not a level playing field?

  2. Yo, anonymous, it’s not Spike TV’s award, it was the Game Critic Awards, which were announced on Spike TV. That’s all.~Kris

  3. G4 is getting so lame now it’s painful. Video Vixens is just another step towards G4 sucking that much more. Not only is this show a pagaent, but it’s going to take 4 weeks. FOUR WEEKS! And it’s not like the show is unpredictable…Lara Croft…Kasumi…come on! Why?! If videogames ever really want to be taken seriously, they have to steer away from these piece of shit shows.

  4. I realize that, even though I wasn’t clear.But what if the E3 critics had selected a game that Spike hadn’t filmed? Would they have not broadcast any footage of that game?

  5. Most of the Spike interviews were with the judges, so I assume Spike just interviewed them at E3 to hear their top choices….and those likely were the games that got nominated/won.

  6. I didn’t watch either, but—with the constant ads about the video game vixens, I think I have seen it all already. Seriously, how much more can there be?This should never have been a show, but maybe eye-candy between shows, some sort of promo for the channel. Anything more than that is a waste.

  7. Well it seems unlikely that they couldn’t get some footage of the games that were nominated in the main categories, and the award winners were pretty predictable. They also didn’t have any footage of Spore if I recall correctly, but it doesn’t matter. The main focus in each segment was on responses they gathered about the games from industry people.

  8. the rating of women created by women (miss america, etc.) is bad enough. but the rating, by men, of women created by men (“videogame vixens”) is an even more disturbing and upsetting development, i’m i’m frightened of the implications.

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