Why Game Magazines are in Trouble

…at least when it comes to breaking news.

Headline from a GameInformer.com article dated June 9: Screen Actors Guild/AFTRA and Game Companies Reach Agreement

Headline from the Issue 147 (July 2005) of Game Informer (which arrived on my doorstep today): Actors Strike Threatens Industry — Hollywood Talent in Jeopardy

The grand irony here is that the web article is free whereas the print article costs money to read. Cheaper, faster, more up-to-date — you know things are tough when you can’t even compete with yourself.

6 thoughts on “Why Game Magazines are in Trouble

  1. My personal view of gaming magazines is that they’re more for previews, reviews, and editorials/features. At least that’s what I read them for.

  2. I read EGM and I believe that they break news with a lot more detail then a quick blurp a website may offer. They usually have reviews before the gaming site as well.

  3. And today’s press release says: “The National Executive Committee of Screen Actors Guild (SAG) today voted to formally reject a new Interactive Media contract negotiated with video game companies.”

  4. I only read the features anyway, and try a demo off the disc if it’s a game that hadn’t been released yet.

  5. Ironically, I had posted something about traditional media just one week ago and it was pretty much the same commentary –http://www.unfetteredblather.com/nucleus/index.php?itemid=19The system just isn’t working anymore. I used to love the print mags, but anymore I don’t bother. Most of them cost a small fortune to buy off the magazine stand anyway. You could subscribe, but why? For a bunch of news that is out of date by the time you get it? Doesn’t seem like a good value.

  6. Buying any entertainment magazine for news is crazy, but especially a games magazine. I read them for the features, the previews, and for a few columnists/reviewers.I dont’ think that this snafu is an indication that games magazines are in trouble, simply that Games Informer:a) doesn’t think they have enough good original editorial content to fill pages,b) couldn’t find an interesting angle on this article that wouldn’t be dated, orc) thought the labor dispute would drag out longer.

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