Next Generation is Live

It seems like longer, but it has only been about six weeks since we broke the story that Next Generation magazine was coming back as a Web site. That Web site is now live with a promise of twice daily updates featuring the latest industry news and views. (Full disclosure — I’m currently working as a freelancer for the site.)

The most interesting thing about the new site from where I’m sitting is the profiles of prominent companies, issues, games and people that line the left sidebar of the front page. The initial listings in each of these categories run the gamut from mainstream to niche — from Zelda to Aeon Flux; from Electronic Arts to Glu — and offer some great insights for newcomers and insiders alike. They even have a commentary on game journalism commentary. The verdict: all this navel-gazing is “on balance, probably to be welcomed.” Faint praise, but I’ll take it.

Future USA — Next Generation’s publisher — also announced today that they had acquired Cheat Planet. The site’s slogan hints at its huge influence: “The Planet’s Source For Game Cheats & Hints After GameFAQs” (I may have added a couple of words to the end there). Seriously, though, Future says that the site reaches a staggering 6.1 million unique visitors per month for repackaging data that is essentially public domain. To me, that sounds a heck of a lot more economical than paying for original content.

3 thoughts on “Next Generation is Live

  1. Maybe it’s just me but I’m less than impressed.Some decent writing, but the navigation is a pain and the article that Slashdot Gaems picked up (the troubles of the indie game store) is really poorly written and researched.Hopefully it’ll get better.

  2. “Full disclosure — I’m currently working as a freelancer for the site.”How convenient. So, stating your affiliation is supposed to absolve your bias?

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