Some Corrections

It seems that in my haste to do quick previews of assorted magazines picked up at E3, I made a few errors.

  • Brandon Sheffield and Simon Carless both wrote me to clarify that Game Developer magazine is not the official magazine of the IGDA. The IGDA, in fact, has nothing to do with the magazine currently. As Sheffield put it “CMP, the company that owns Game Developer, used to run the management side of the IGDA, but once they got really up and running, CMP divested itself of that work, and the IGDA is totally on its own.
  • John Keefer, editorial director at GameSpy, wrote in to mention that IGN did indeed have a booth on the show floor in Concourse Hall. “It gave us a little visibility, but also gave us easy access to all the halls since we were centrally located,” Keefer said. Sorry I missed it.
  • Sync Magazine editor Rob Bernstein wrote me a note asking why gadget-mag Sync was included in a round-up of free video game magazines. It wasn’t made very clear in the post, but Ziff Davis is filling out the remainder of the now-defunct subscriptions to GMR with copies of Sync, which were promoted and distributed at their booth at E3. My preview looked at the magazine from the perspective of a former GMR subscriber who is looking for a replacement to that fine magazine (a.k.a. my perspective).

Be sure to check out the comments thread as well for some thoughts on my opinion of Andy Eddy and my credentials as an “ombudsman.”

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