Week of DRAMA — Part 2: There's Something About Jessica

Rising Internet-game-universe star Jessica Chobot, (a.k.a. Hatsumi), caused a bit of a stir after recently participating in an interview with IGN Babes (Part II). Chobot, who first made a name for herself in the game journalism world by licking a PSP has risen to minor stardom incredibly quickly, appearing on G4’s Attack of the Show and writing columns for communal game blog RedAssedBabboon and, now, IGN Insider (which makes the line in IGN’s interview predicting that she’s “going to be a total celebrity” a tad bit self-fulfilling).

The interview is typical IGN Babes fluff with largely inconsequential questions being used to fill out (pun intended) pages of large full-color, scantily-clad photographs. Chobot is nothing if not opinionated in the interview — she takes what many would call unpopular positions on Nintendo products, other girl gamers and booth babes — which led other opinionated folks around the Internet to express their <A HREF="
http://www.livejournal.com/community/girl_gamers/1566242.html” TARGEt=”_blank”>displeasure with her opinions and what they considered the generally vapid nature of her responses.

I agree with some of these dectractors’ points, but I think some of them were a little extreme. Chobot plays into a stereotype of the “mythical” hot girl who likes games, a stereotype that some consider an out-of-reach ideal and some consider an insulting generalization. Whichever side your on, it’s hard not to pay attention to her, which is what I would guess she knows and wants. She does it very well and she has done very well by it. Getting mad at her for exploiting both ends of her audience so well isn’t very productive.

What I find much more productive is getting mad at IGN for playing into the stereotype (many Net-denizens also took IGN to task for exactly this). The questions that author Chris Carle asks and the comments he makes are embarrassingly slobbering and bordering on sycophantic. Carle calls Chobot “the holy grail, the dream girl of all gamers and otaku. Hell, the dream girl of 90% of the men who walk this planet,” and says mere knowledge of her existence will let him “die in peace.”

Now I understand the point of these types of articles is to talk up the subject for the benefit of a generally equally-slobbering audience, but can’t you do that and also have some self respect. If not for your own sake, then how about for all the other gamers out there trying to lead normal lives and break an image of the dorky gamer that has been crystallizing in the public consciousness for decades? How about for the sake of other girls who play games and are trying to break stereotypes of their own?

In short, I’m angry with IGN (and other members of the press) giving Jessica so much embarrassing attention, but I’m not as mad at her for taking advantage of it. After all, stardom on the Internet is all about trying to get as much attention, good or bad, as you can. Trying to stop people from looking for this attention is pointless. Trying to stop the outlets from providing that attention is probably just as fruitless, but much more satisfying (for me, anyway).

Trying to stop the bloggers (myself included) and forum posters from clamoring for this type of drama? You’d have better luck stopping the tide.

8 thoughts on “Week of DRAMA — Part 2: There's Something About Jessica

  1. I don’t get this woman, or the hype around her. She licked a PSP. Big fucking whoopee. Why am I supposed to give a fuck?

  2. dman said what I was coming here to say.Jessica Chobot should drop to her knees and worship at the altar of Brian Crescente every night. She owes everything to him.The original “OMG she licked a PSP. That is hawt!” post appeared on Kotaku. Evil Avatar later picked it up and Jessica herself posted to the forum and got laughed out of there for her rants that resembled that of a 12 year old. Brian then turns around and gives her a column on RAB and the rest, as they say, is history. He screwed up, and I say this as a huge Kotaku fan.Is it a little bitterness on my part that someone goes from nobody to huge game journalist because she licked a console? Hell ****in’ yes. I’m extremely bitter that in three months Chobot has become the go-to video game personality. If she appears on 60 Minutes opposite Jack Thompson I might lose it.But for all my bitterness, I don’t think anyone can dispute that she’s a pisspoor representative for video game journalists or video game players even.

  3. Some her stuff on RAB is good, in that bloggish kinda way. If people want to exert angst, do it against IGN and G4 for taking such an uberfanboy approach to displaying girl gamers.

  4. I’m not accustomed to Kyle’s posts being so full of sex. I’m not exactly sure what to do, I’m having a flashback to my days in the Fark forums.Not that those days existed.

  5. I’m from Puerto Rico. To be famous in PR (and in Latin America) you don’t have to have any type of talent just do exercise and wear a speedo or a bathing suit. Now I don’t like Britney Spears at all. But at least she can dance a little. So for a no talent mall hair hack like chobot trying to be a trendy video gamer who for some reason sells her DS for a PSP because is for 13 year olds, and then she licks it and becomes famous is stuff that should be ignored.But as much I like to put the blame on IGN I think the blame should be put on RAB and Kotaku, which is the same guy. This hurts alot because I’m a big fan of Kotaku.Chobot should be put with the curent video game journalism and G4 as the reason nobody is taking video games seriously. Give a Jennfer Taso and Morgan Webb (yes, I believe that she knows video games) over Chobot any day.

  6. Have you read her column? I only read the teaser and have no desire to read more. If she weren’t the “hot PSP girl” she wouldn’t have the column, so I give her kudos for taking licking a console to new career heights. But I can think of a number of female bloggers who could do a damn lot better.And why don’t we judge male columnists or gamers on their looks? We poke at the general gamer lack of sex life (it’s always cool to mock your audience), but somehow rock hard abs never enter the criteria for game writer.But this is IGN, a portal with a Babes section, a gear section and a car section. What else could we have expected?

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