The Original Game Journalist

I really wish I had gotten to this first, but Gamasutra has an interview with Bill Kunkel, co-founder of Electronic Games, the first purely video game magazine in the United States. Kunkel has plenty of tales to tell from his days as journalist, game designer, strategy guide writer, Internet boom victim, and professor.

The best line of the interview is about the sad reality of game development today, but it could also probably be applied to potential video game journalists.

One of the things I teach my students is, this is not a dream job guys! So that’s the reality of it. These kids are exploited. I used to write comic books, I know the way these businesses work, where starry-eyed kids will go, ‘I’ll do this for nothing,’ and then they do.”

You may have also heard about Bill’s new book, Confessions of a Game Doctor, which should be on its way to my house at this very moment. I have it on good authority that the book is great for people who “currently have more game-related books on your shelf than you can count on two hands.” If that doesn’t describe you, well, maybe it should.

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