Another Pet Peeve

I like the way PSM devotes some space in their introductory Pulse section to let the editors tell you what games have what games have been taking up their time lately. It gives a little more insight into the editors’ tastes, and gives a little more ink to worthy games that might not be reviewed that very issue.

But the feature also includes an almost totally useless “reader playlist” at the bottom that is one of my pet peeves. This month’s (January 2006, Issues 106) takes the cake:

Ted Tortorici
Grass Valley, CA

I’ve been playing Ratchet and Clank: UYA. Man, that game is so awesome. I’ve also been playing MGS3: Snake Eater and Black Hawk Down. I’m really looking forward for [sic] King Kong [emphasis in original].”

That’s great, Ted. Do you want a medal or something?

As a reader, I really couldn’t care less what a random stranger is playing or what he thinks of the latest Ratchet and Clank. That’s what I have friends for. At least with the editors, you can be reasonably sure they have played a lot of games and know what they’re talking about. With these reader playlists, all you know is that there is one other person in the country playing the game. How useful!

Long time readers will remember by other pet peeve. I’d have to say this one is less annoying, but not by too much.

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