Gamespot Turns to Freeplay Mode

I have to say, I was very sad to see Gamespot’s long-running Gamespotting editorial feature get “a bullet in the head” as executive director Greg Kasavin put it. I was glad to see it went out on a high note, though, with some excellent pieces on critics who aspire to more and a great satire on fanboyism, among other things.

I’m equally gratified to see the feature replaced with Freeplay, a sort of daily stream-of-conciousness editorial that passes hands from one member of the Gamespot team to the next every weekday. Each new author picks up where the last one left off, to the extent that reading the whole series straight through from the beginning feels like reading one long disseration on games instead of a bunch of disjointed opinions on dispaprate sub-topics, despite the seperate bylines.

Regular editorials like this are important for any game publication as a way to break free of the constraints of the news and reviews and take a wider view of the industry. Features like this are what keeps Gamespot from losing its edge, in my opinion.

3 thoughts on “Gamespot Turns to Freeplay Mode

  1. Gamespotting in general was nice, though sometimes hypocritical. More than one, a Gamespotting section would for example denounce behavior that Gamespot itself was guilty of, seemingly oblivious (or just ignoring) their own site’s and fellow co-workers’ behaviors.

  2. While you may see it as Gamespot keeping its edge, I see it more as reinforcing the fact the entire site has no personality, not even in columns.Everything is written in a very dry, matter-of-fact way. There’s no emotion, no passion. Just straightforward statements that are solid, but guaranteed not to offend.Everything on Gamespot is written in this voice. It’s like no one there is passionate about anything. They like stuff. They dislike stuff. But everything is qualified, no one sticks his neck out. I understand this approach for news, but never have for editorials.

  3. Thanks for the heads-up on Gamespotting (and Freeplay). I’ll miss the old feature, but I got a lot of good reading done over the last day, thanks to you. The new Next-Gen is a decent read, too, and a nice complement/alternative to the big(ger) news sites.

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