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A great rule of thumb in journalism is that it takes three data points to officially point to something as a trend. Following that rule, I’ve noticed a small trend recently towards articles that look at “success” in the video game industry in a different way.

The first is an editorial from 1up appropriately headlined “Redefining Success” that publicly ponders why Nintendo is generally considered such a failure despite their immense, consistent profitability. Second, an analysis analysis from Gamers With Jobs that suggests doom and gloom outlooks on the state of the industry are looking at things the wrong way. Third, a great article from the Rocky Mountain News that sees potential in PC gaming’s recent downturn.

I love articles like these that can make you look at preconceived notions about the industry in a different way. Even if you don’t agree with the conclusions (PC gaming is never coming back!) it’s always healthy to have your assumptions challenged by well-thought-out and researched editorials and features. Keep ‘em coming!

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