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GEt it? It's a column!I’ve been teasing this on my Twitter feed for a bit and I’m quite happy to be able to announce it today — The Game Beat now has a bi-weekly column crossposted on Gamasutra and GameSetWatch. The first one, which went up today, is about how many critics seem preoccupied with the short length of recent Xbox Live Arcade release Limbo. Here’s a taste:

Without a doubt, Xbox Live Arcade’s Limbo is an instant classic. The reviews are near-unanimous in their praise. Limbo is “bleak and beautiful.” It’s “haunting.” It’s “elegant and minimalistic.” It’s “clever.” It’s “gorgeously constructed.” It “will stay with you for a very long time.” Some are already calling it “a masterpiece.” Others are breaking out the dreaded a-word: “Art.”

But there’s one other thing Limbo reviewers are almost equally unanimous about. Some seem almost reluctant to bring it up. Others seem proud that they were able to find some flaw to balance out an otherwise glowing review.

Regardless, the critical consensus seems to be that Limbo is excellent but, well… it’s kind of short.

Leaves you panting and wanting more, doesn’t it? If so, please feel free to read the whole thing.

What does this mean for this site? Not much, really. I’ll still be posting my (hopefully) daily link roundups, and occasional longer-form thoughts as they come to me — though I suppose I may save some of the best those for the bi-weekly column. Anyway, it shouldn’t be a big difference to you, the reader, as all those columns will be listed and linked here as well. So stop your whining, voices in my head!

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