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With reports of more developers leaving Infinity Ward seemingly coming by the hour these days, it can be tough for the average casual reader to keep up. How’s a journalist supposed to convey the ever-increasing scale of the departures without losing count or resorting to a pedantic list.

Well, the folks over at PC Gamer UK came up with a rather clever solution — a video of the Modern Warfare 2 credits with the departed developers crossed out in red. Not only does it give a good idea of the extent of the problem Activision and Infinity Ward finds itself in, it does a good job of clearly and concisely showing exactly which roles in the development from the mega-hit game have been affected.

The only potential problem I can see is that some departing developers are listed (and therefore crossed out) in multiple places, making the exodus look larger than it actually is. Then again, if a departing developer really held that many roles in the game’s development, their leaving probably hurts the company that much more.

Anyway, props to the crew at PC Gamer UK for figuring out a novel and interesting way to present what’s becoming  a depressing slow-drip of a news story.

[Via Phil Kollar’s Twitter]

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