Brawling Rumors

So let me get this straight…

Kotaku links to a 1up piece that references a translation of a French site that says they heard on a Japanese radio show (which may or may not even exist) that Smash Bros. creator Masashiro Sakurai has confirmed new characters for the new Smash Bros. game.

Then Kotaku updates to say that “This is bogus and untrue!” based on an anonymous Kotaku commenter who references an anonymous GoNintendo commenter who says “the person who fabricated this rumor at the GAF Boards has already admitted to making it up.”

Neither commenter provides a link to the GAF thread where the rumor was supposedly started or even a GAF handle for the person who supposedly started it. A quick search of GAF finds no such thread or admission of rumormongering.

So the rumor is badly sourced and probably false, but the rumor that the rumor is definitely false is… badly sourced and probably false as well?

People with weak stomachs should not watch the making of sausages, laws, or video game news on the Internet.

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