Taking the Leap

It’s July 4th, so I thought I’d take a moment to declare my independence today.

*Pause for graons/pity laughs. 3… 2… ok!*

Anyway, starting at the end of the month, I will be quitting my day job at National Public Radio and becoming a full time blogger/freelancer.

Why make the leap now? A few reasons. First, I felt that my obligations for freelancing and the day job were bumping up against each other to the extent that I was unable to give either the attention it deserved. Second, I felt I finally had made enough contacts and enough of a name for myself in the game journalism industry that I could feasibly make such a plan work now.

But the main reason, I feel, was that I was tired of putzing around out there with a safety net. I didn’t want to look back in ten years and wonder what would have happened if I had really gone for my dream instead of just dipping my toes in. I felt it was time to dive head first into this industry and see if I could swim before the sharks of, uh, adversity, were attracted by the chum of… new… ok, I’m officially abandoning this metaphor.

So what does this mean to you readers? Well, first and foremost it means much more regular updates starting at the end of the month — on the order of at least one or two posts every weekday. It also means that I’ll be able to take on more freelance work and treat it more seriously now, so any editors reading this, you know how to reach me.

It also potentially means more conflicts of interest as more of the outlets I cover here become outlets I write for as a freelancer. I’m not going to pretend it won’t have an effect, but this blog has always been one freelancer’s opinionated take on things, and it will continue to be. Those with the time and inclination can check my statement on conflicts of interest and check my workblog.

This concludes the self indulgent portion of the blog for this morning. There are refreshments in the lobby and the line for the ladies bathroom grows quickly so I would run if I were you.

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