Pimpin’ Like a GamePro Editor

GamePro #214, July 2006, Page 23
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According to this ad for the “Avirex Fly Life Sweepstakes” the “life of a GamePro editor” is pretty sweet. Not only do GamePro editors get subtle winks from Activison receptionists (panel 5) but they also get cleavage-bearing assistants to hold open the magazine for them as they recline (panel 6) and hot waitresses standing by with trays full of games while they play the latest Call of Duty game (panel 8). It’s a wonder they get any work done at all, what with all the hot girls distracting them as they relax in their Avirex ™ jacket and sunglasses (panel 9).

It sure beats the life of the average GamePro reader, shown in panel 1 as a fat slob lying in his own filth, barely able to lift the game controller.

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