1982 Totally Owns 1991!

OK guys, I know it’s summer and it’s pretty slow, but it’s time to stop with the “Top 10 Years in Gaming” articles. Last month it was Next Generation putting out a list, then today GameSetWatch linked me a to a similar retrospective on GamesRadar.

First off, we’ve only had roughly 35 years of “gaming” at most (40 at the outside if you want to get into gaming prehistory). This means that a top ten years list is essentially picking the top 25% of all the years available. This should not be that hard or interesting.

Secondly, this is not the kind of list that generates strong feelings in people. A top ten games list will always generate passionate debate over whether someone’s favorite should be on or off. I can’t see anyone but the wonkiest of wonks arguing passionately that 1996 was WAY better than 1995 for games. The most these lists are going to elicit in readers is a vague feeling of nostalgia.

Third, GamesRadar’s list includes all four years from 1996 through 1999. Apparently the entire Playstation generation was greater than all of the years between 1983 and 1990 (inclusive). Which shows the main problem with these lists: The best years in gaming to you are going to be the years where you were playing your favorite games. Why not skip the middleman and just do a list of your favorite games?

You know… another one.

Sorry for the lack of updates lately… finishing out one job and starting another has been tough on the ol’ schedule. Watch for regular, every-weekday updates starting for good on Monday, Aug. 31.

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