The Game Rag Gets (Kind of) Serious

I’d just like to take a moment to say I really enjoyed the recent feature on game satire site The Game Rag (which I write for occasionally) in which the author spent 21 hours watching erstwhile “gaming” network G4 and reported on his findings. Some of the comments are a little obvious and not really germane, but I thought the conclusion was especially insightful:

In closing, G4TV could be a great station. They could encapsulate the gaming experience, have really great shows, and truly understand their audience, but odds are we still wouldn’t watch.

What really put this whole thing over the top for me, though, is G4’s overly-defensive and unfunny blog post in response to the the story (which was apparently posted in error and quickly taken down), and the Game Rag’s bitingly sarcastic, hillarious “apology” to G4 on GameSetWatch. This method of using humor to provoke a hysterical response — and then using more humor deftly defuse it — reminds me more of The Daily Show or The Colbert Report than the Onion-like stylings The Game Rag usually publishes. An interview with Gamespot’s Jeff Gerstmann about humor and game journalism also shows a slight serious bent. I hope the site will continue to pursue this new direction.

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