MetaFuture Gets All Statistical

I love, love, LOVE MetaFuture’s new focus on compiling and recentering game review scores across publications. Sure, GameRankings is fine for compiling various reviews in one place and standardizing their scores, but any system that would count a 5/5 from Nintendo Power and a 6/10 from GameSpot with the same weight definitely has some problems from a statistical standpoint.

The extremely basic data already posted from GameSpot and IGN is interesting in its own right, but things will really get interesting when a database full of publications lets us see with statistical certainty which outlets are pushovers and which are tough customers. I hope the final system will go even farther, letting users see how a game’s score differs from the statistical mean when compared with others by the same author, or in the same genre, or on the same system, or from the same developer, or released on the same third Tuesday of November. Hey, a guy can dream, can’t he?

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