PressSpotting: Rockin’ out with MTV’s Stephen Totilo

In a previous life, Stephen Totilo helped create Hogan Knows Best.


It may seem odd to think about it now, but before he became MTV News’ first full-time video game reporter, Totilo was one of the people behind the idea for the pro-wrestler-based reality show. After his departure from the project nearly three years ago, the VH1 series was a modest hit, running from 2005 to 2007.

Despite the allure of pro-wrestler-based reality TV, Totilo wasn’t destined to let his Columbia journalism degree go to waste. He parlayed brief positions at Newsweek and Brill’s Content into freelance game reporting gigs for GameSpy, IGN and The New York Times. Now, Totilo heads up a team that covers games on the MTV’s cable networks,, and MTV’s Multiplayer blog. PressSpotting talked with Totilo about his experience writing about games and what it means to be a game journalist today. Here’s some excerpts from our lengthy conversation:

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