PressSpotting: What We Writ About Wii Fit

Was it really just a few weeks ago that some corners of the mainstream media were warning about how Grand Theft Auto IV was training an entire generation of immoral killers? It seems like ancient history now that the video game coverage narrative has shifted over to Nintendo’s Wii Fit, the savior of a generation plagued by childhood obesity.

The game industry really couldn’t have asked for a better high-profile follow-up to the controversy-plagued Grand Theft Auto release. Nintendo’s personal-trainer-in-a-box flipped the tone of mainstream game coverage from moderately negative to moderately positive practically overnight. An Associated Press story made the change in tone explicit, noting that Wii Fit wasn’t targeting “the ‘Grand Theft Auto’ audience of boys and young men” and quoting an analyst as saying “I don’t think we even had the imagination a year ago that Wii Fit could be compared to Grand Theft Auto.”

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