Press Pass: The Unlikeliest E3 Journalists

Press Pass: The Unlikeliest E3 JournalistsMatt Clark is a 29-year-old union staff representative and gamer from Dayton, Ohio. Like most gamers, he’s always dreamed of being able to go to E3. Unlike most gamers, he actually got to live out his dream this year.

Clark was one of a handful of gamers that won the chance to help cover E3 as part of contests held by major media outlets. He earned his chance to help cover the show for with a tongue-in-cheek blog spot that made merciless fun of his fellow entrants. At the show, Matt filed dozens of blog posts on everything from his favorite games to goofy, man-on-the-street interviews about a fake game.

Clark said he’d been following E3 closely for over a decade and considered it “a gaming mecca.” Even after years of mental preparation, though, he said he still wasn’t totally prepared for his pilgrimage. “I guess I didn’t anticipate the enormity of it,” he said after the show. “I mean, it’s just so much to take in. I felt like I had a serious ADD spaz-out the first half of the first day. Don’t get me wrong, I knew it was going to be huge … I guess I just never imagined how hard it would be to try and see everything.”

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