Press Pass: Building a Better Aggregator

Can a review-aggregation site actually shift the focus away from numerical scores and toward the critics themselves? CriticDNA aims to find out.

Review aggregators like Metacritic and GameRankings have a bit of a mixed reputation in and around the game industry. Millions of gamers love aggregators for distilling dozens of reviews into a single number that can aid in their purchasing decisions (and their message-board arguments). Publishers love aggregators for providing a concrete metric by which to rate the quality of their developers and PR units. Those same developers and PR units, of course, often hate aggregators for passing judgment on months of hard work with no real context. And the critics often hate aggregators for reducing hundreds of words full of personality into just another statistic to be lost in the crowd.

A new Web site is looking to solve that last problem, at least, by helping people get to know the critics behind the numbers a little better.

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