Is All Copy Editing In Vein?

See if you can pick out the error in the first sentence of this press release from the IEMA (emphasis helpfully added):

The newly proposed violent video game legislation in California smacks of me-too politics in a vein effort for local politicians to garner some perceived moral high ground when clearly there is none to be had.

Apparently, the politicians are trying to draw blood from a stone. But the heart of the matter here is that a simple typo can do a whole load of damage to your credibility. Such a mistake makes it hard to pump up your supporters, which hampers the free flow of ideas you’re looking for with a press release. And that’s the tooth.

Whoops… guess that last one doens’t quite fit. Oh well.

5 thoughts on “Is All Copy Editing In Vein?

  1. As a copy editor, I obliged to point out that “violent video game legislation” should read “violent-video-game legislation”.

  2. In similar news, I spotted a spelling error in the <>Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories<> commercials.

    It doesn’t matter who you are, it just makes you look stupid.

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