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Didn’t get enough of liveblogging when I tore apart the Spike TV Video Game Awards? Luckily for you, Amit at These Damned Machines Are Killing Me (which I just discovered and am absolutely enjoying) have applied the form to video game magazines. He makes some good points about how EGM sometimes dances right to the edge of the interesting issues, then ignores them.

The best part of the article is when they get quotes from people in Japan who bought the PSP, and one gamer said “It’s a sexy new gadget, like my iPod. And PSP doesn’t feel like just a game machine.” That’s a pretty interesting statement. I’d like to read more about that.

Anyways, blah-blah-Godfather-blowjob-EA-rumored most expensive game ever. Really? How much? What are the most expensive games? Man, that would be an interesting article. I’ve always wondered how many titles a game has to sell in relation to it’s budget to be profitable.

Also check out Part 1 of the series.

By the by, if you think you are writing interesting stuff about video games, including a link to the Ombudsman on your site is a great way to get my notice. E-mail works too. I’m just saying, is all.

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  1. There’s a problem with longer, more in-depth articles: there’s a sizeable chunk of the audience that doesn’t want to take the time to read them.

    Give them anything that they can’t finish off in a couple minutes and unless it’s about a specific topic they have some sort of personal investment in, they’ll skip it.

    This is even more true with an outlet that covers multiple platforms, only hardcore fanboys looking for flame material are going to read multiple pages about a game for a console or platform they don’t own.

    I’m not sure if quantity over quality is much of an excuse, but there’s definitely a segment of the audience who wants things spoon fed to them in nice, neat little blurbs. A magazine will tailor their content to whatever audience they feel will be most lucrative, that’s true of video games or anything else.

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