Absoultely Worst Pun of the Moment

“Grand Theft Auto, is not just in some Hot Coffee, but the game industry could be in some hot water should parents feel things are getting out of control.”
-Steve Sabludowsky, Publisher of BayouBuzz.com, in an editorial.

More on the latest developments when I get a chance.

4 thoughts on “Absoultely Worst Pun of the Moment

  1. You know maybe the lazy parents should just keep an eye on the game and not give a Mature rated game to their 8 year old. Instead they have to ruin it for everyone else and have it pulled off the shelves and making it hard to get.

  2. uuuu, this is gona hurt …but I want to see a kid who is (volunterily) going to take his GTA:SA back to the store for relabeling 🙂

  3. According to < HREF="http://www.mediafamily.org/press/20050714.shtml" REL="nofollow">this press release<>, interactive pornography may be very easily inserted into any game! We should all be very scared.

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