TechTV? G4-get It!

Headline parsing assist: “Gee, Forget It!” *insert canned laughter here*

Your probably heard it here fourth, but G4TechTV announced today that they would be dropping the “TechTV” part of their name and becoming “G4 – video game television” on Feb. 15. The move isn’t that much of a surprise, given the mash-up network’s increasing focus on video game content and marginalization of old Tech TV mainstays like The Screen Savers.

Reading through the press release reveals that the newly named network will be “a well-defined and focused brand” targeted at “males 12-34,” which I’d say excludes a good chunk of the current videogame audience but includes some of the most coveted advertiser demographics. It also introduces two new shows: Formula D, “the first-ever series to showcase the world of drift racing” (huh?), and Girls Gone Wired, “a digital beauty pageant featuring the hottest 2D and 3D women on the planet.” The Girls Gone Wired description goes on to include this truly cringe-worthy quote:

“Our audience interacts with digital girls as much as real girls and we’re tapping into that fantasy.”

So I guess the target audience is not gamers in general, but rather anti-social reclusive gamers in particular?

All in all, it looks like Comcast is taking a cue from Spike TV’s Video Game Awards in its almost insultingly-narrow definition of what they think appeals to video game players.

7 thoughts on “TechTV? G4-get It!

  1. I used to watch TechTV daily… back when they had Call for Help, Screensavers, etc and since the “merger” I have tuned in maybe twice and didn’t stay for long. It’s not that I’m not into gaming, but enough already! I look at the program line up and practically every program is gaming focused or anime. Yawn… Yes, “ScreenSavers” is still there for now… they dumped the decent hosts and now, I think that show is living on borrowed time. Sad to see TechTV go away and be replaced by something as shabby as G4. If only the ratings were better…. My prediction is that G4 is not long for this world either.

  2. I actually did hear it here first.

    I’ve expected this coming for a while, but I figured they would wait at least a year before dropping the name. I hate comcast now. Why did they even buy techtv? Lets see, was it xplay? No, they already had videogame shows (obviously), and could have easily made another. The screen savers? No, they took that show and got rid of what made it good and tech related.

    What was the point of the purchase, again?

  3. TechTV: generally good, well liked, strong brand name, widely carried.

    G4: Generally sucked, bad reputation, soiled brand name, marginally carried.

    Obviously G4 should buy out and destroy TechTV.

    G4 can fsck themselves.

  4. If they’d show “Icons” more than once a week, I’d make more of an effort to watch. The usual day consists of about 6 reruns of “Attack of the Show” (the new screensavers), at least as many runs of X-Play, roughly the same amount of Call For Help (which I simply can’t stand) and I don’t know what else is on. I like how “The whip set” really focuses on gaming. You know, with the supposed urban sensibilities and the models who dress skimpily. Yep, I watch a gaming channel to see the same thing I’ll find in practically all modern rap videos.

  5. Sounds like they’re turning it into another SpikeTV. I don’t need another SpikeTV, that’s what I have SpikeTV for. I also heard they’re going to ruin Icons, too.

  6. I’d like to say this is a surprise, but I think we all saw this coming from the day G4 assimilated…er…merged with TechTV. They just wanted TechTVs installed channels on all of those cable systems. Screw the content itself. This is just the deathblow to end TechTV’s prolonged suffering. It’s a mercy kill.

  7. Hey Kyle, I’ve loved your blog and thoughts for a long time, but <>Wizard<>?? Ya sure? That movie was way to corny and dramatic for me. To each his own. Also, since you said that you haven’t seen Pulse, here’s my take; it is a pretty well designed show that definitely gives out some great info and live footage of places and events, but the hosts seem a little bland.

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