Would That We Could…

From the final page of the final issue of GMR, which arrived on my doorstep yesterday (click an image for a larger version):

The ad in context, as seen on page 122 of GMR’s 25th issue (February 2005):

Calling up the number on the ad (at 10:15 Eastern time) got a me a friendly customer service respresentative who informed me that “GMR magazine will cease publication with the February issue” when I asked about a renewal. She also said that all subscribers will be receiving a postcard with information about what will be happening with the remainder of their subscriptions, but she did not know what was actually on the postcard. (I haven’t received mine yet. Any readers who have a faster post office care to send me a scan or a photo?)

Not much more to say than that, so I’ll leave off with the words of GMR Editor-in-Chief Tom Byron:

To all GMR readers, thanks for everything. We might have been the ones who put the magazine together each month, but you’re the ones who made it special.”

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