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Video game journalism is growing in relevance and respect with every passing day. Want evidence? How about an article from newspaper trade magazine Editor and Publisher that calls video games “the latest arts beat.”

NEW YORK If the phrase “grand theft auto” makes you think of larceny and not entertainment, it’s a safe bet you’re not a video-game fan. But as newspapers continue to add video-game reviews and columns to their arts coverage — some even employ staff columnists — you’ll have more opportunities to master the lingo.

The article provides a good overview of the long and continuing struggle for acceptance that has faced those on the video game beat. It even make mention of the burgeoning International Game Journalists Association and its Style Guide (which is finally starting to come together. If you have the time and inclination, we could use some help.)

The best part for writers aspiring for a paid column of their own (like me) might come from the experience of 35-year-old Pittsburgh Tribune-Review columnist J.C. Schisler:

Schisler, who’s an avid video game fan, said getting the column meant convincing his editor, not a big video game fan.

“I said, ‘I hate musicals, but we cover those,'” Schisler says with a laugh. And after explaining the industry’s financial success and large audience, Schisler says the editor conceded.

I always knew those musical reviews were good for something.

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