We Don't Do That [Except We Do]

Props to Electronic Gaming Monthly for inserting a much needed editorial note into an interview with SCEA preident Kaz Hirai in their latest issue. The relevant excerpt:

EGM: Most in the biz feel that Xbox 2 will launch in 2005. Do the moves of the competition affect when you’ll release your console.

KH: We’ve always stuck by what we believe is the right game plan for ourselves, and more importantly, for the third-party publishers, retailers and consumers. We don’t go changing consoles every three, four or five years [Actually, PS2 launched roughly 5 years after the original PlayStation –Ed.]

By jove, he’s right! In fact, if the next PlayStation is released in late 2005, it will be five years after the PS2 came out in America.

A journalist’s job is more than just transcribing information, even in a verbatim interview article. If the interviewee says something that’s outright wrong, it’s the journalist’s job to look into it and correct the record before it hits print. This only applies to certain statements, of course — everyone’s entitled to their opinion, predictions can be hard to confirm until after the fact, etc. — but when someone is talking about solid facts in your publication, you’d better be as sure as you can be that they’re telling the truth.

In this case, the misstatement was most likely a casual slip of the tongue, but that doesn’t make the correction any less needed. So, again, kudos to EGM for a good catch.

3 thoughts on “We Don't Do That [Except We Do]

  1. I support the “actually” as it draws attention to the correction aspect of the statement. And Sony’s significance to gaming has no relevance when the issue is how Sony is trying to spin information.

    If there had been a followup in the interview itself, my guess is that Kaz Hirai would reword his statement to be about the lifetime of a specific system iteration. That even with the PS2, Sony didn’t kill the Playstation after 5 years, and both PS1 games and consoles continued to be strong sellers. And that with the PS2, Sony intends the same strategy, having announced last year that the PS2 would be supported until at least 2008. Thus giving their systems lifespans well beyond a 3-5 year range.

  2. Not sure if I would consider that a catch by EGM or even a slip of the tongue. My take on the quote is that Sony does not have an exact timeline for when to release the next-gen. of a console. The reality is that 5yrs is probably the longest a console could stay relevant. I don’t think it was meant as a blanket statement that they don’t change consoles at the 5yr. mark.

    While it was correct for the ed. to point out the 5 yr. lifecycle, it was probably snide to include the word “Actually” to start it. Because “actually” SCEA,and the playstaion franchise is much more significant to the gaming community than EGM could ever hope to be. /end rant

  3. Actually, Sony has contributed to videogame (and game system) sales. Publications like EGM, online forums, and sites like this one contribute to community.

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