Fiction is Truer than than Truth?

I’m a bit conflicted about this threepage scan (click each word in order) I found on Spanish gaming site Gamerah. On one hand, the article is an obvious fake, as evidenced by Yamauchi’s sudden, perfect grasp of American slang and outright incorrect takes on Nintendo history, among other things. On the other hand, everything besides the juvenile humor could be taken as a pretty accurate send up of Nintendo’s sometimes-arrogant nature and it’s former president’s sometimes-outspoken diatribes. Is this scam or satire? Ersatz or editorial? You decide.

2 thoughts on “Fiction is Truer than than Truth?

  1. I think it’s satire, as evidenced by < HREF="">this<>(you’ll need to highlight the hidden text in the first post). A Spanish April Fools joke apparently.

    Is that attitude really accurate of Nintendo? I guess it is in the eyes of the public, which for an article like this is all that matters.

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