Breaking News: GMR and XBN to Cease Publishing

By way of Kotaku, just got word that Ziff-Davis mags GMR and XBN will cease publication as of the February issue. Some people over at the GMR forums aren’t too happy about it, to say the least. I was just starting to get into GMR, having started a subscription in August. A high quality mag, for sure, with good layout and quality reviews. XBN I never really got a chance to read carefully.

Perhaps Ziff Davis thought they were spreading themselves too thin with all the different brands. Regardless, breaking the news right before Christmas is going to make the holiday party a little awkward. Here’s hopnig everyone involved lands on their feet.

4 thoughts on “Breaking News: GMR and XBN to Cease Publishing

  1. This is bullshit i’d better get a different magazine to replace my GMR magazine or at least get some thing in return

  2. Ain’t that a load of crap!! My mom just renewed my brother’s subscription to GMR a couple of months ago. When I tell them this s*it will really hit the fan!!!!

  3. A decent magazine like GMR gets cancelled while a piece of shit like GamePro is still in circulation? There’s no justice.

  4. :\ The annual Ziff Davis office party was held on the 7th, approximately a week before the shit hit the fan. Even and you know who at the turntables and the crippling holiday deadlines, in the back of everyone’s mind, couldn’t hide the sombre undertone. RIP XBN & GMR.

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