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A Reuters article from today correctly points out an interesting fact — tomorrow night’s Spike TV Video Game Awards will be the first such awards to be broadcast live on TV. Other major entertainment mass media formats (music, movies, TV) have featured live televised awards shows for years, so this can be seen as a big step for the industry. Then again, those awards shows are big-time events on major broadcast networks with the backing of major trade or press organizations and A-list hosts. Tomorrow night’s game awards are relegated to the backwater of cable’s “the first network for men,” with an “advisory board” of random press personalities and PR people as judges and B-list rapper Snoop Dogg as host.

The show will be on a 20-second delay, so don’t expect to hear anyone to drop an F-bomb when Katamari Damacy wins an award (I can dream, can’t I?) Expect live, blow-by-blow coverage of the show as it happens tomorrow night, right here on this blog, starting at 9 p.m. Eastern (8 central). Better get your “refresh” button warmed up now. Fo’ shizzle.

6 thoughts on “Live For The Games

  1. <>Expect live, blow-by-blow coverage of the show<>Sweet, another awards show live-blogger. I’ll be doing the same, I’ll check in here during the show.

  2. The nominations for the awards weren’t all that spectacular apart from some exceptions.

    It’s too much to expect of an awards which, which last year (from clips that I’ve seen) basically made the audience out to be games addicted, socially-deprived nerds with no lives who’d leap at the chance to see just the merest hint of something resembling the female of the species, even if it was a digital one. Give me a break.

    This isn’t an awards show, it’s a marketing gimmick.

    Go <>Katamari Damacy!<>. *sigh*

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