Games Stop Bernie Mac from Killing Kids

No sooner does the third Simpsons episode of the day end on my local UPN affiliate than a repeat of The Bernie Mac Show comes on. I’m not usually a Bernie Mac man, myself (I prefer my sitcoms a little more surreal) but the sight of Bernie with a PlayStation controller in his hands made me take notice (and the sight of him using his entire right hand to mandhandle the right analog stick made me laugh).

The short monologue introduction for the episode titled “The Big Fight” is included here below as an illustration of how a popular modern sitcom treats the subject of video games.

Er, treated them. In 2001….

*under his breath* “Kick him in the stomach… Boy, it trips me out how their bodies just fall apart like that!

Boy, these video games, I love ‘em. A great way to work off your agression… and Bernie Mac’s got a lot of agression.

You know Bernie Mac’s situation. My sister, you know she’s taking a state sponsored vacation — she got a little problem with drugs. Now my wife Wanda and I? We’re taking care of her kids. Don’t remind me…

Doggone kids… I want to tear their doggone heads off… blast em to a million pieces! Shut ‘em up for good! RARGH! HAH! *kicks at the air*


Now hold on, America, I know what you’re thinking. But you’re wrong… Bernie Mac is not a violent man. This is what Bernie Mac does to relax. Because in real life, we don’t settle our differences this way. That would be wrong. We’re not animals…

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