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Speaking of British game journalism, UK: Resistance points to IGN’s hillarious, cliche-filled announcement of a British branch.

The relationship between British and American game game publications has always been an incestuous ones. American sites get a lot of their news from British sites like GamesIndustry and Computer & Video Games, and vice versa. Some American outlets have Brits at the helm — from Gamasutra’s Simon Carless to Next Gen’s Colin Campbell — and publishers like Future have significant interests on both sides of the pond.

On the web, many sites try to have the best of both worlds. The US and UK versions of Gamespot, for instance, look remarkably similar, and the sites share a lot of common content — replace the www with uk in many Gamespot URLs and you will find the same story crossposted. IGN’s announcement seems to indicate a similar approach, with slightly altered advertising and refocused editorial content on the UK version. Why a Brit would prefer a site like this to a site focused on their market is beyond me.

When the click of mouse can get you content from anywhere, is there really any important difference between a British and American Web site? Conversely, when visitors can come from anywhere in the world, can we really afford to consider only one country to be our audience? Leave your thoughts using the comments link below.

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