Anti-aggregator Argument of the Moment

It means nothing if a critic or an audience member likes or loathes a movie. An opinion is nothing without an argument to back it up. A decent critic, in print, on TV or on the Internet, is honor-bound to engage a reader in a conversation why something works or it doesn’t. That’s why the proliferatin charts on critical mass are so maddening. Why should you care that The Break-Up won positive reviews from only thirty-two percent of the nations critics? Don’t just use Web sites, such as rottentomatoes, metacritic and zapit, to get the numbers, use them to link to the full reviews of the critics who speak you language. The contrarian view may offer an exchange of ideas that will open your mind.

-Peter Travers gives some advice to critics, and their readers, in an article about movies that are not screened for critics before release in Rolling Stone #1003 (June 29, 2006)

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