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“An artist makes a painting, then doesn’t like the first version and paints over the canvas with a new painting, right? That’s what happened here. Hackers on the Internet made a program that scratches the canvas to reveal an earlier draft of the game.”
-Rodney Walker, a spokesman for Rockstar Games, as quoted in today’s New York Times

Concise, understandable and accurate. Much better than Rockstar’s previous statement which was long, vague and, um, essentially a lie.

The coverage is coming fast and furious in light of the recent ESRB decision. As of now, it seems like there is no other story in the video game world. Look for some summary judgement here sometime this weekend.

11 thoughts on “Best Analogy Yet

  1. I think there’s no doubt that Rockstar was trying to be misleading. There’s still an important difference between being misleading and outright lying, though, and that has to be respected. Otherwise the press itself is misleading, and in a far less ambiguous way.It wouldn’t be right for non-games press to report lying when, say, a public official also speaks in an obfuscating way, and it isn’t here. The most it can do is report obfuscation, which is damning enough as it is.

  2. I’m a little suprised that nobody here mentions what, for me at least, is the real issue.So there is a little sex in a MA-rated game filled with extreme violence…..and nobody thinks this it’s a little screwed up that people are complaining about the sex????Aside from the fact that I’m always astound how teens/children get theses games.Yes, stores might not always abide by the ratings, but these games are $50 a piece…The kids have to get that money from somewhere and apparently the parents don’t seem towonder what they are using it for. The other way for them to get the game is, of course, a parent buying it for them and thenwtf are they complaining about later???This whole thing is a joke!!!

  3. It may seem like there’s no other story in the videogame world, but there’s general bemusement about it in the UK. As far as folks here are concerned, we’ve had legally enforced age ratings for years, people respect and agree with them, and San Andreas’ re-rating in the USA has barely made the news. The BBC ran a website article on it and that’s it. Even the censors here basically said “We don’t think it makes any difference.” Don’t confuse America with the world.

  4. Rockstar’s statement <>wasn’t<> a lie, dude. That’s just shoddy interpretation on the games press’ part. What they said is perfectly consistent with the mod unlocking the sex mini-game.

  5. Seriously, this is absurd. Plus, AO’s age restriction is only one year more than M’s – 17 vs 18. Now, there are retailer consequences (none that I know of will sell AO period), but to me it seems a little ludicrous to think that a year age difference in the audience makes any difference. Hell, God of War had nudity, violence, and a sex minigame, BUILT-IN AND EASILY ACCESSIBLE, and it got by fine with an M! (Don’t tell the media though! Oh wait, its not a GTA game so it’s not on the censorship radar. No worries.)If the ESRB “M” rating is analagous to the MPAA “R”, that makes it more ridiculous still. <>Desperado<> (and any number of R rated movies) had a lot more sex and violence than any GTA game, but again, it’s still hunky-dory. Make sure you stay low to the ground to dodge all the hypocrisy flying around.Anyhow, glad to see censorship advocates are still in good shape. Free speech is kinda passe anyhow.

  6. NEVER MIND, IT’S LOCKEDAnyway, the article of interest is < HREF="" REL="nofollow">this one<>.My friend, let’s say, <>calls into question<> their choice of interview subjects.

  7. Since I think this is more a constructive issue than an artistic one, I think a better analogy might be if Ford included a small button that blew up the car, but then took away the button. Someone came along and added one. But that’s no less dangerous, or destructive. I’m hyperbolizing here, but so is Rockstar with the painting analogy. Even going with Rockstar’s analogy, people have come along and scratched the surface off of every single one of Rockstar’s “paintings.” So you’re telling me that this was a surprise for them? Blah. They deserve this. Down with the idiocy that is Rockstar. To use another lame analogy: While I have no love for Hillary Clinton, I hope Rockstar gets rolled up in the political Katamari that she’s rolling around right now.

  8. Also, Kyle, you might find < HREF="" REL="nofollow">this<> to be of interest.

  9. At the very least, Rockstar’s original statement implied that they had nothing to do with the content and that it was created entirely by hackers. The phrase “alter scenes in the original version of the game” is highly misleading, given that the scenes are unaltered and merely unlocked by the mod. The best you can say about the original statement was that it was a convenient obfuscation that skirts the legal definition of truth.

  10. This is a good analogy for how seriously messed up society is. Actually, it shows WHY it’s messed up.NO NO NO, not the sex. Geez. Come on now.No, the problem is that people are more than willing to “Get moral”, by going after things that they well…they don’t enjoy themselves. They go after things that other people like. Why? Because it makes them feel good…and they don’t have to do a damn thing to get that feeling.And there-in lies the problem. The focus on video games is to distract from much greater moral failings from all the complaining parties. They are trying to force the video game industry to “grow up”…So they don’t have to.

  11. No, it’s a totally accurate analogy. It’s just that they neglect to mention that there was <>hella pornography<> underneath the painting.

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