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A few notable notes that I missed in the recent link flush:

Coming Clean (Gamespot) No less than the executive editor of Gamespot writes an editorial on giving more disclosure about the time a reviewer spent on each game he reviews. I’m not sure this is such a good idea as a blanket policy — if writing in the specific amount of time spent adds to the review, fine; otherwise the reader just has to trust that the reviewer has played the game sufficiently. Then again, I’m not entirely sure why Greg is whining about it in an editorial and not doing something about it. He’s the freakin’ executive editor! If he think’s it’s a good idea, he should just add it to Gamespot’s review policy already.

Gamermom Found this one on Game Girl Advance — a mom writing about her son’s love for videogames. This is the kind of thing I meant when I talked about game writing by non-hardcore gamers. I particularly like her thoughts on the Halo 2 Energy Sword:

I carry one of these in the back of my Camry now. … I use it at the supermarket when some idiot tries to cut ahead of me in line, or god forbid, has 13 items in her basket at the 12-items-or-less line.

GameCore Mailbag Blast-O-Rama (CBS Gamecore) Kotaku and Joystiq have the heads up on a horrendous CBS News article that accidentally got posted before being edited. The google cache seems to have erased the now-deleted mistake, which is a shame, because it’s a really hillarious read in its entirety. The blogs are pretty hard on the guys, but as someone who takes extremely sloppy notes before producing a readable article, I feel for them. First drafts tend to be full of errors and bad grammar, but it’s the final product that matters. In this case, they were accidentally one and the same.

Defunct Games – Stumbled across this site while surfing around one night, and I ended up just reading for hours. This site’s take on the games of yesteryear has a pretty unique style, but it’s the video game journalism stuff that really got my interest. I’m still working my way through their 29 magazines of Christmas feature, which includes some excellent reviews of game magazines great and small. I talked to the guy who runs it on IM, and he really seems to know his stuff. Go visit!

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