GameDaily is Looking For a Few Good Writers

The people (person?) behind the always-excellent Media Coverage column on GameDaily are (is?) looking for examples of the best writers in the biz. They’re looking for people “who produce brilliant editorial that consistently flies beyond expectations … who take stories that would be mundane or by-the-numbers in less capable hands and turn them into stellar reads.” If you’re reading this blog, chances are you know someone who qualifies, or you are that somebody yourself (if you’re writing this blog, you know you don’t have a chance). Send in your nominations and make a great game writer’s day.

3 thoughts on “GameDaily is Looking For a Few Good Writers

  1. I really hate that the column has no byline. How can I tell if ther person has any credibility when commenting on the media?

  2. I wouldn’t say it’s an always-excellent column. Half the time it’s really good. Half the time it’s incredibly wrong. I’ve seen it use poor reasoning, poor methodology, and poor logic. It’s really 50/50 in my book.

  3. Media Coverage has no byline because the person who writes the column has been employed as a VG journo in the past, and might want to be in the future. Without the byline he’s free to say whatever he likes. Not that he isn’t free to do so NOW, but this way he doesn’t need to concern himself with what friends he’s pouncing on for making mistakes, etc.

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