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“I’m Jewish in the same way The Olive Garden is an Italian restaurant. Which is to say: not very.”
-A.J. Jacobs, The Year of Living Biblically

A week away in a Tennessee cabin with all my high school buds was just what I needed. Check out why using the below pictures and video (which for some reason wordpress won’t let me center. Stupid CMS)

I try to stay humble, I really do. But when your desk is featured in a photo gallery of “Gaming’s Greatest” and your name is dropped in a fan rap about Jeff Gerstmann, it’s hard not to think you’re the coolest person ever.

That second one might need some explanation, so check out the below video. The name drop is around 1:10.


The relevant lyrics:
The Hypertext protocol lost its meaning to all.
Choosing money over integrity became your downfall.
At 3 a.m. on November 30th 07
My RSS received news beyond my comprehension.
When I read the news on Joystiq it was hard to stomach.
I thought Kyle Orland must’ve fucking gone nuts or somethin’.
I was sooner to believe that he was being punished.
For pornography or siphoning money from the budget.”

Once that profile goes up in the Prince George’s Gazette, my head really is going to explode. Quick, insult me in the comments! It’s the only way to save my life!

To anyone who thinks my life as a freelancer is a nonstop cavalcade of fun and games, know that it is actually much more like this comic.

This is pretty much the jerkiest thing that has ever been done. But don’t pretend you wouldn’t revel in the chance to do the same.

“The name of the game on caucus night is stand and stay, so this is where the chocolate-chip cookies are crucial.”
-Obama supporter Chelsea Waliser, in The New Yorker

So, here’s my new web site. It’s a little more professional looking than my old site, I think you’ll agree. I’ll mainly be using this page to keep track of my published works and as a public face for my freelancing career, but I’ll also include random thoughts and links and such in this area.

So let’s see… random thoughts. Well, the Daily Show is a lot worse since the strike. The Colbert Report is surprisingly almost just as good without a script. Colbert is really an amazing improv artist.

And links… links… uh… here!

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