When Lenovo-backed Eedoo first announced a motion-controlled 3D system called the eBox, Microsoft’s Kinect had yet to sell a single unit. Now that Microsoft’s depth-sensing camera has sold upwards of eight figures, Eedoo’s decision to jump on the motion-control bandwagon seems a bit prescient.

But Eedoo’s system — now called the iSec and targeted for a Chinese launch later this year — is using depth-sensing hardware that’s fundamentally different from that powering Microsoft’s Kinect. That hardware comes from SoftKinetic, a Belgian company founded in 2007 that sees depth-sensing camera technology revolutionizing all sorts of computing tasks, from home automation to sports.

“It’s only been a relatively short time since the release of Kinect,” said Virgile Delporte, VP of marketing and business development at SoftKinetic. “3D cameras, combined with color and audio, will become familiar input devices, not only for video games but also for smart TVs, PC and mobile devices.”

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