Making social games that are more than the casual, strategy-free clickfests many people assume come from the space is nothing new for Kabam, the creators of Facebook strategy titles likeKingdoms of Camelot and Dragons of Atlantis. The company says it’s trying to perfect that strategy with today’s wide release of Global Warfare.

“We were looking to utilize our engine in a much better way, to branch out into new themes and continue to augment our success in the strategy genre,” Kabam general manager Bryan Bennett tells Gamasutra.

That new theme for Global Warfare is a more modern take on an often fantasy-soaked genre, set in a militarized world that’s been thrown into chaos after widespread economic collapse. While that story is told through short Flash animations, the rest of the tile-based strategy game was built entirely with Javascript and a PHP backend, Bennett says.

“Javascript is actually a pretty powerful front end programming tool,” he explains. “We don’t even make use of close to all of what Javascript can really do. … Flash [would] make things a little easier, but there’s nothing we can’t do with just Javascript.”

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