Is Nathan Drake’s second outing really the second coming? We combed through the glowing reviews to pick out the negative bits that tend to get glossed over.

Uncharted 2 received so many perfect scores, is there anything it does wrong? Well, yes, there is.”3 “The bread and butter of Among Thieves is by-the-numbers shooting, broken briefly by some linear platforming and the occasional light puzzle.”5 “There’s not really a lick of originality … It would have been nice to have at least something for the game to call its own,”7 and “it’s unfortunate that the gameplay doesn’t scale the heights of the production values.”5 “No, Uncharted 2 is not perfect.”8

Uncharted 2‘s storyline is more or less predictable. … The story sounds like the premise for a cheesy and easily forgotten novel”2 and “contains a number of not-so-surprising twists.”6 “The story isn’t incredibly original,”7 and “felt a bit too familiar at times.”8 It’s pretty much “standard action fare”5 with a “forced ‘warfare’ feel.”9 “The reasons for Nepal being a bombed-out shell provide a few eyebrow-raising ‘really?’ moments.”9 “Not everyone will be fond of the game’s concluding location — or, rather, what Drake discovers there … [and] few will argue that the climactic confrontation is a fitting way for [the game] to bow out.”4 What’s more, “the writing doesn’t have quite the same panache or character chemistry as the original.”9

“The gameplay isn’t perfect — the cover mechanic is too sticky in tight places.”6 The game’s “less than perfect cover system”1 includes “a cover mechanic that [feels] like a slightly clumsy version of that in Gears of War.”9 No, “moving from cover to cover still doesn’t feel as slick as it does in Epic’s Gears of War series, with Nate occasionally refusing to do what you want him to.”1 “Cover transitions can get you stuck in some precarious moments.”3 For instance, “it can be frustrating during some of the more intense battles if you find yourself sitting in the open air when you meant to hide behind a nearby desk.”6 Yes, “the occasionally unreliable cover system provides a larger frustration in the heat of competition.”5

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