We look at some of the most enduring myths surrounding games and the industry to see if there’s any truth to these legends.

 1. You can jump over the flagpole in Super Mario Bros.

The myth: Hey, so you know Timmy down the street? Well, he said he could jump OVER the flagpole in Super Mario Bros. He told me he could! No, I didn’t see it, but his sister says she saw him do it. No, he can’t do it on any level; he said you can only do it in World 3-3 when that elevator thingy gets high enough and you jump at just the right time. Oh, and once he said he did it in 7-1. I tried like a MILLION times, though, and I couldn’t do it without the Game Genie. Come on, man, Timmy wouldn’t lie! Would he?

The truth: “No way!” “Yes way!” “No WAY!” Yes WAY!

Status: Plausible.

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